It's Raining, It's Pouring...choices

It started raining here two days ago...and it's still raining. Ah, springtime in the heartland! You've just got to love it! While it's raining here, if you travel two hours west you will drive into a blizzard; a good old, Nebraska blizzard. We'll get snow tonight. That's the great thing about early spring in the plains. You know that you will see a combination of weather, and sometimes you'll see them all in one day. You have to be prepared for anything this time of year. I love it!We have the advantage today, of nice warm houses in which we can run the air conditioner one day and the furnace the next. Imagine what it would have been like to be the first pioneers to settle here. I live right on the Lewis and Clark trail. Many, many people followed this pathway to the west. They knew they had only a limited number of days to make their trip, after the winter and before the onset of the next winter started in the mountains. They would begin their trip in March or April and move ten miles or so a day. It would have taken twenty days to travel the same distance we can do in a couple of hours. If we get cold in the car, we turn on the heater. If we get warm, we turn on the air conditioner. Their covered wagons barely kept out the rain, let alone the wind. When it got too warm, they could lift the sides of the wagon cover. Bouncing over the countryside with no springs to ease the travel made it easier to walk than ride. I'd like to believe that I would have been one of the tough ones that would have made it to my destination, but the reality is, I really don't know. I am spoiled. While I haven't turned on my air conditioner yet, I have had my ceiling fans running. I turned the furnace on a while ago to take the chill out of the house and prepare for the really cold air this evening. I think, sometimes, we take for granted the luxuries that we possess. As difficult as it is for some of us in this country, it is still so much better than others. I remember a few years ago, when a friend of mine was encouraging her sister to join her here from another country. The sister was explaining that she could be poor in her native country just as easily as she could be here, but my friend explained to her that here in this country, even the poor people have more than they had in their home country. In fact, they would have considered a pauper in our country to be one of great wealth in theirs. How could we not know this? Or do we know and just take it for granted? I lost my job eighteen months ago. Until a couple of weeks ago, I was learning what it was to really have nothing, and yet, I still had a nice, warm home, food on the table, and some gas in the car. It seemed to me that I was about as low as I could possibly be, but even then I had so much more than many, many people in this world. My life lesson from this? To be thankful for what I have and to understand that all those things we think we must have, really are not so necessary. We live in a culture that tells us the more 'stuff' we have, the better. The more money in the bank, the happier we'll be. If that is the case, then why are so many millionaires so unhappy? Why are they trying to fill their voids with food, drugs, alcohol or things? The fact is happiness is a choice that we make, every day. If you can find the good in everything you do, you will be happy. I discovered that, even when I couldn't afford to eat out or take a trip, I could still be happy right here at home. I could find new friends and new activities that I could do and that through it all, my being happy was my choice. I could wallow in my own muck and be miserable, or I could find the good in each day's activity and be happy.It really is a choice. Choose today to be happy, to find the good stuff. There will always be plenty of bad no matter what we do. Instead of dwelling on it, choose to find the lesson there or, even better, choose to make something good out of the bad. You can do it! It's your choice!Blessings to you!

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Know About Pros and Cons of Portable Air Conditioners
Can an air conditioner be portable? Well the answer is yes and here are some pros and cons of the small and movable air conditioning system.Now as the name suggest the device is movable and small. Essentially an AC is considered as a home appliance which comes in various shapes and sizes. It is able to regulate the temperature and humidity inside a closed area like a room or a car for making the stay in it comfortable. It is a device which shows that we want to be comfortable and the desire to alter our environment.Now what are the advantages of such a portable air conditioner? Well first is obviously the size of the device. Now the size allows placing the device where you want it. For example you need not fix the bed in the direction of the AC on the wall or the window. The s-portable one allows you place the bed as you want in the room because the size and mobility of the device gives you the freedom to do so.Another big factor is the efficiency. Well the portable one and the window are equal in consumption of electricity, but since the portable device allows you to move it the cooling can also be in the direction you want. Unlike the large air conditioner you will not have to wait for the entire room to cool down to feel the effect of the appliance. Here you can point the cooling directly at the place you want it. Also a portable device is cheaper as it requires no installation.Now there are also few disadvantages. Moving the machine is a plus point but that also comes with its own problems. Now the machine needs to near a window as the machine has an exhaust. Another problem with the portable air conditioners is the noise level they generate. Some of the models are known to noisier than many window or split ACs.But if you are a person who changes a lot of houses or cities then is the best option as it is small and avoids the excess cost of installing it every time you move.
Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air? | Service Champions
The Fix: Locate your electrical panel and look for a tripped breaker or blown fuse. To turn power back on to the unit, flip the breaker completely off (opposite direction of all the other breakers), and then flip it to the "on" position. If you have a blown fuse, you will need to replace it. This may also be a good time to label all of your circuits for easy reference the next time there is an overloaded circuit.Is flipping houses a good idea?Well, for who? For an 18-year old with no experience to make money? Well they would better be prepared to lose money or have a mentor who can lead the way.For a 34-year old single mom juggling 2 jobs? If that job is CEO of her flipping business and the other job is being a parent, sure. For a 40-year old who just lost their job and just got divorced? Well, they better have a technical partner who knows the business, the drive to reinvent themselves, or 2 years of runway to learn the business. For a 55-year old businessman who is ready to retire? If they are just doing it for fun, why not? It's not good for people who think it is get-rich-quick.It's not good for people who do not want to work hard.It's not good for people who wo not work smart. It's not good for people who just want to dabble. It's not good for people who are not prepared to lose money. It's not good for people who do not have people skills. It's not good for people who are not willing to learn everydayHow many flips can a pancake?thats like asking how many woods can a woodchuck? Its an incomplete sentence. pancakes need someone to flip them and once is enough or you get tough pancakes.My big toenail flipped off??yea we were running and a boy tripped and like his whole toenail flipped up. But it was still attached 4 like 2 weeks. it finally fell off when he tripped. yours is probally going to fall off. its going to hurt really bad...... like really bad!!!LWJGL MouseY Coordinates are flippedPanda Pajama said it all, if you want to make it so you are using coords from the top down and not the bottom up change glOrtho to:and to sort the mouse Y pos out you just do:You should defo read up on all the gl functions you have in your post there so you have a clear picture of whats going on when you start drawing things to the screen, it will save you alot of trouble later onFlipping cards, good or bad idea?From my perspective, there is not much difference between flipping card or pop-over window showing more details. So, yes it is a good idea as long as it's just transition effect and does not negatively affect usability.Pros you get:Cons that come with it is that depending on user behavior, it may actually be important for them to quickly click through shows of multiple artists - in this case, hiding these links on the other side of a card will result in bad UX. The real question here is, thus, if user expects to see the shows data for multiple artists or just for one or two, and if - based on this knowledge - you should (or not) hide the details at the beginning, making user click to go to the details. But answer to this question lies in the knowledge about user expectations and behavior.Regarding the implementation itself, remember to:.A question about flipping houses?Many millionaires have started where you are starting. You have to make sure your first purchase is a winner. Go to your library and get as many books as you can on the subject of flipping homes. There are plenty left over from a couple of years back when this was popular.This lady at a restaurant flipped me off?hahaha that is really bad that woman must be miserable idk what her problem is but when you are the immature one in a fight with a 12 year old that pretty bad
What Is the Difference Between an Air Cooler and an Air Conditioner?
Laymen tend to confuse the different types of equipment used for cooling homes. Many people do not know which one to buy that will suit their budget and cooling requirements at the same time. There is a world of difference between an air-conditioner and an evaporative cooler (EC), although both are used for cooling purposes. They are designed to cater for different requirements.Here is a summary of the major differences between these two types of cooling machines.An evaporative cooler employs hot air and water to cool your room. The hotter and dryer it is outside, the better an evaporative cooler works. Apart from cooling the room, the evaporative cooler also adds moisture to the air. So there are uses of this machine in the winter season too as it works as a humidifier.The EC is much less costly when it comes to the electricity bills. Basically it works in a more natural way of cooling the room but will not usually be able to achieve the same level of cooling as an AC, and is of minimal benefit in humid climates. The EC does not use hazardous gases that damage the environment unlike the air conditioner.The air-conditioner works more like a refrigerator, employing a compressor to generate the cooling process.The air-conditioner functions smoothly in all weather conditions and can maintain a constant level of cooling. The technology used in the AC gives a homogenous level of cooling throughout the room, unlike the EC. The AC has to have an outdoor unit, as it throws the hot air outside, but evaporative coolers come in different shapes and sizes apart from the window EC. The AC performs the sole function of cooling and is of no benefit in the winter season.
How Can I Make the Water in My Air Conditioner Stop Dripping As Much?
right here's a trick we used for a window air conditioner that became leaving great undesirable puddles on our front porch: bypass to the ironmongery shop and get quite a few ft of a million/4 to a million/2 inch clean tubing. connect it to the situation the place the water drips from interior the air conditioner. based on the unit, this will require a metallic clamp or fastener of a few type. Then path the tube in a fashion the place the water will drip in a greater effective place. stable success!1. why does air conditioner cut itself off?If ur LG is putting out cold air. It's working. It's cycling. That mode is resting, because it reached the desired tempt. The reset button wo not reset if it is NOT kicked. That test button is to test the circuit. If ur LG is 110vt, what in the world u want to put 220vt.? If ur unit is 20,000BTU. and needs 220vt...U do not have a GFI switch to mess with. You did not mention what size is ur unit is. So, LG is pretty good for a window unit....U cannot argue for the PRICE. Try asking to install a 220 vt Mini compressor with heat exchange. Running a 220 vt line and purchasing unit/ installation....the price can cost as much as $3,000. depending if u have to run a dedicated line from the main panel.2. Why does my Air Conditioner smell like fish?Is it a swamp cooler? If so, when's the last time you changed the pads? Straw pads can get moldy if you do not change them3. My Air Conditioner is acting funny, do you know what it might be?I have had window units do this Keep it at one setting and one setting only, But first turn it off so that it can deforst. Also it could be that the coils could be dirty And if you are a renter make the landlord worry about it Some reason that could cause this It is sized too small. It is too humid. It is not able to go into autodefrost mode. Insufficient air flow Try a Filter Change Refrigerant charge Outdoor temperature4. what would cause the heater, air conditioner, fan and defroster to loose voltage all at the same time?Yes, there's a fuse in the panel beneath the dashboard and next to the steering column. The fuse will be marked appropriately on the lid.5. Does the air conditioner take air from outside?Radiation is going to get in regardless, allergens no. Keep your filter clean or changed6. what is the formula used to determine how many btu's I need to buy for a window air conditioner?I would think you would find the cubic foot of the room you want to cool, or the space you want to cool. There may be a conversion chart on the side of the air conditioning box or perhaps someone at the store can take the cubic ft. and tell you how many BTU's you need. That is how you figure heat.7. How to solve air conditioner problem (calling AC service doesn't count).?There is one thing no one has mentioned yet. What is the temperature outside. My AC technician told me that the units could not cool over 30 degrees less than the outside temperature. So, if it is over 100 degrees outside, then you can not expect it to cool much lower, if any, down to 75. You might give this some thought. Also, how about the size of the unit - is it a 2-ton or what! Also, keeping the outside unit clean of debris (such as cottonwood) will help. Good luck8. air conditioner unit - i need your help please?If you can trust her when she says it is in good condition and it is a fair price, go for it. I doubt a Friend would cheat you because down the line if it does not work she would feel really bad and you would be mad about it. It is better than buying a used on from a stranger who could tell you anything, since you will never see them again.9. I have a window air conditioner and I want to know if I can install it if it's not all the way out the window?The vents on the side are where the hot air is vented after it has been drawn from the outside through the condesor coil . If you can allow for that you should be alright. If you own the trailer and have the know how, you might consider cutting an opening in the wall and permanently installing it through the wall. You had better plan on catching the water that will condense on the coils. Some units will evaporate most of it again but if you have a really humid day you may get water all over your floor.
How Do You Install and Air Conditioner in a Horizontal Window?
You can not put an AC designed for flat on its part without remodeling it, peculiarly compressor helps. There are rubber supports underneath the compressor to be able to not take that form of a side load. Then there is the discharge of dehumidity water which within the new models is "sprayed" on the condenser coil from the highest side of that coil to chill the unit. Take and remodel the compressor helps so that they will take the aspect loading. You might need to run a bolt thru the helps and add rubber gromets however this aspect walking will in no way motive any issues to the compressor or the circulating fanatics. This has been finished oftentimes so yours is not the primary. On mist, well you just figure that out one way or the other so it might drain the excess if it will have to arise by way of drilling a hole somewhere within the sheet steel. . Which you can of path, buy a unit for a slider window if you havent purchased the AC yet. Greeting from X Brooklyn Resident1. Does the iOS app stop supporting horizontal scrolling?This will be fixed in, shipping soon.Something happened when migrating to the new MathJax version/CDN and the element I was scrolling on got a different CSS class2. What are connotations of horizontal and vertical lines in composition?Vertical lines tend to imply strength and power (think supporting columns of a structure, tree trunks, things standing or growing, reaching up or out)Horizontal lines tend to imply calm, balance or stability (think horizons, oceans, landscapes in general, things at rest)3. Can you run a horizontal pump vertical?To run a horizontal pump vertically, one would need to be concerned with air being trapped where it should not be such as the stuffing box area. The pump and motor bearings would not be designed to carry the axial weight of the rotating parts. Clearance adjustments might not work as intended as well.4. are sunglasses polarized vertically or horizontal?Why Are Sunglasses Polarized5. striped shirts horizontal vs. vertical?because they are good at showing off their figure like boobs6. what is the difference between vertical and horizontal hitches?no longer likely. i think of the horizontal is designed to greater healthful greater ideal with the wii sensor, however the constructive components are the comparable. a lot of human beings have used it horizontally in any case. the latest consoles say that "in addition to the black Wii console sits horizontally somewhat than vertically and is designed for Wii recreation play" yet i might think of that each physique Wii consoles are designed for Wii recreation play so i do no longer think of that exhibits that something is diverse approximately those consoles.7. Getting rid of the horizontal line between abstract and the text of an articleThe rule can be removed with the following redefinition:8. Microsoft word: how to make the page horizontal?File ---> Page Setup ---> Orientation ---> "Portrait" will be selected. Click the box next to Landscape then OK9. Documented reasons for preferring horizontal or vertical wrapping of checkbox items?I do not have any citations, but as a general rule of thumb, most english language readers parse text most easily from left-to-right rather than top-to-bottom simple due to how the english language letters and words are laid out.Somewhat unsolicited advice in terms of the UI you presented: Simplify, simplify, simplify. Nearly every aspect of it can be stripped out. Here's a model that reduces the number of distinct interface components from 8 down to 2:10. Drywall installation vertical or horizontal?I've always been told horizontal, and it makes sense in that it makes taping easier and and reduces joints.The main reason I've been told is that you want to avoid having a continuous seam from floor to ceiling. When the house settles, these are more likely to form a crack. Also you do not want to place drywall seams at the corners of doors or windows. Previous owners (or whoever) put seams at the bottom of my windows and I've got nice cracks from the corner of the windows to the floor. As long as the horizontal seams are screwed very close to the edge at each student, I am not sure how a horizontal crack could form.
Can I Sue This Air Conditioner Repair Man?
chances are suing them wont get you anywhere. The best thing to do would be call the company that ripped you off and calmly ask either the manager or person in charge if there is any way for them to refund your money1. My air conditioner stopped working.?If you are talking about the fan on the outside unit not turning. Then the fan is frozen and needs replaced. This will keep the unit from running and not cooling. The fan keeps the unit from over heating which will cause the unit to trip High Head Pressure control and shut down the unit. If your a DIY person replace the fan with the exact same fan for proper operation2. Air conditioner does not recycle during the night.?get a fancy thermostat that has a humidity setting. I got a new carrier ac/heat pump this year, it came with a carrier tp-prh-a thermostat. it has a humidity setting. If the temp is satisfied but the humidity rises it will run the ac and set the inside fan to a low speed to take the humidity out of the air.3. What air conditioner should i use?one possible solution is to install a window type unit in an exterior wall. i dont know your abilities but if you cut the drywall and frame in a rectangle the size of the ac. it can be done lower in the wall to accomodate the slanted ceilings. it is not expensive to do this. one thing to be certain is to seal water out of the new opening4. Why is my air conditioner making a popping noise?Are you sure it is not just the condensation water dripping out of it or bubbling through the p-trap?5. What's the advantage of a multi-split air conditioner?You may feed cool air to more rooms from the same condenser/cooler6. Is my Air Conditioner Thermostat broken?did you get a programmable t-stat, if so check your programming. If you have your t-stat set at 74 it should maintain 74 /- a couple degrees. Your repairman should have been able to cycle the unit using the t-stat, wether the unit was operating when he got there or not just by turning the temp up and down.7. Room air conditioner makes loud noise?I am not familiar with that whirlpool model, but if you use something and rely on it alot, it generally tends to wear down the key components alot and what could be happening, is that your compressors electronic motor could be wearing down. Bring it to a whirlpool station and they may also be able to better diagnose your problem, good luck and stay cool in this hot summer8. Can someone help me with a leaky air conditioner?It is called condensation, it is very normal. It is the same in a car's air conditioner, if you notice underneath a car when it is stopped, a puddle of water, it is normal. There should be a hole for the water to drain out, perhaps this hole is plugged up, so it has not anywhere to go. Central air is usually mounted on the roof of a house or apartment or outside sitting on a concrete slab and fully self contained. I think you are referring to a window or mounted in the wall type air con.You have to have a run off from the water.It is also called sweating of the coils. This should answer your question.9. Is it normal for an air-conditioner to be loud ?Well, without being able to hear exactly what type of sound this is, it's hard to tell you definitively. One thing I will ask is this, are you talking about the indoor unit? If so, we would need to know if this is gas or electric heat. I can say that I can not think of any scenario where turning the set point up on the tstat will affect any sound the system is making. A thermostat is simply cuts the system off an on. It does not care if the set point is 1 degree or 10 degrees higher... the operation does not change at all (unless it's a multi-stage system) If this is something that is truly only happening in the heat mode, then it would have to be one of the heating components, which is why we need to know if this is gas or electric as the components are very different. Basically, my suggestion is this: Shell out the 65-100 dollars to have a service check. This should really happen once a year anyway but if you suspect their might be a problem then it needs to be now. A 75 dollar service check can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs that may have been avoidable. Not saying your system has anything really wrong with it... but you do not know one way or the other. A service check is the only way to figure this out. Beyond that, having a tech check a system out can help lower your electric bills as there are often simple things that can be corrected which can reduce overall run time.
Oscar to Be Sentenced on Tuesday
Pretoria - Oscar Pistorius will have to wait four daysfor his sentencing for the culpable homicide of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp."I want to thank both counsel for your assistanceand your corporation in this matter. I'm very impressed that the counselconducted themselves in the way they did," Judge Thokozile Masipa saidwhen sentencing procedures concluded on Friday"We will reconvene on Tuesday next week, the 21st,at 09:30."Prosecutor Gerrie Nel and Barry Roux, SC, for Pistorius,concluded their closing arguments shortly after noon on Friday.Earlier Nel said if Oscar Pistorius had acted like areasonable person, Steenkamp would still be alive.If he had asked Steenkamp when he heard a noise from hisbathroom, "did you hear something?", or if he had established whethershe had heard him before went to the bathroom, gun in hand, she would still bealive, prosecutor Gerrie Nel said."If he wasn't negligent, or over-hasty, she wouldstill be alive," Nel said.The only sounds audible in the court, apart from Nel'svoice, were the hum of the air conditioner and the clicking of keyboards asjournalists took notes on their laptops.Pistorius sat in the dock and appeared to be looking atsomething in his lap.Nel referred to a section in the court record where hehad asked Pistorius whether he had thought of firing a warning shot into theshower cubicle, next to the toilet.Pistorius had replied no, fearing a bullet could ricochetand hit him.Nel said in that case Pistorius should have foreseen thesame thing happening in the small toilet cubicle."We're dealing with an accused, gun in hand, firingfour shots into a toilet cubicle. We're not dealing with a soccer referee,attacked by a mob, firing blindly," Nel said, referring to case law.On 12 September, Pistorius was convicted of culpablehomicide for the Valentine's Day 2013 shooting of his girlfriend in hisPretoria townhouse. The court found him not guilty of murdering Steenkamp.Pistorius shot Steenkamp through the locked door of thetoilet, apparently thinking she was an intruder about to emerge and attack him.She was hit in the hip, arm, and head.Pistorius was found guilty of firing a pistol under atable at Tasha's restaurant in Johannesburg in January 2013. He was found not guilty of shooting through the opensunroof of a car in Modderfontein on 30 September 2012, and of the illegalpossession of ammunition.
Air Conditioner Turns Off Before Temperature Is Reached?
There is a short in your wiring causing the power to drop going to the thermostat. The flashing is what normally happens when power is restored to the thermostat and the thermostat goes into a 'delay' mode represented visually by the flashing 'cool' signal. The problem is in the wires · Other Questions Should I get my central air conditioner serviced now, or wait until next spring? If you are regularly checking and replacing air filter, and most importantly if it is working then there is no reason to call HVAC tech for maintenance, unless you know someone you can fully trust. Beware of HVAC Scams!: Dateline NBC investigates air conditioning repairmen: ------ Are Tempstar central air units any good? My installer is recommending a R2A3 unit. that unit is a good unit but there is one problem. It uses a refrigerant called R-22 and that refrigerant will not be available many more years.I would not let anyone install any new unit unless it used the newer freons such as r- 410a or other more environmentally friendly freons. ------ Are Portable Air Conditioners Susceptible to Mold? It's possible if you don't regularly clean your portable ac or it's filters. Depending on how often you use it you may need to clean it at least once a month(at least your filters). This will not only help against mold, but will also help your portable air conditioner work more efficiently. ------ Can I run a central air conditioner when it rains? Of course you can run your air conditioner when it rains. That is kind of stupid for someone to tell them that they can not do that especially when it is very hot outside. What is the reason for having an air conditioner anyway? We use ours all summer - rain or shine. ------ Should you run a dehumidifier while the central air on? If your basement is exceptionally damp it is fine, plus you probably don't run the AC 24/7. I know I don't run it when the weather is cool for a few days. Having the dehumidifier in the basement is no problem. When the AC is not used it will keep the basement dry. I do the same thing ------ Can having a window open cause a house air conditioner to start burning? No, but with a window open the air con will be less effective as it may not circulate around the home as it should There will be another reason entirely that your motor is "burning". Best to have it looked at asap as it could be a fire hazard! ------ will a dehumidifier work like an airconditioner? It will only remove moisture from the air and not heat. Less humid air may feel cooler. A thermostat will read the same temperature with or without the humidifier. Weather reporters give us a temperature and a humidex. The humidex (humidity index) is an estimate of how we perceive the combination of temperature along with the humidity in the air. The Muse ------ My central air conditioner unit is freezing up and then won't this caused by humidity? It is likely that your air conditioning unit is low on freon. This causes what you refer to as 'freezing up'. I would stop running the unit and have it checked by a professional. You could do harm to the compressor if you allow it to run in this condition which would be very costly to repair ------ whats the average cost to replace the outside air conditioner unit? To replace a condensing unit, depending greatly on the size, should run anywhere from around $1000 for a ton and a half unit, up to $2500 for a 5 ton unit, which represents the lower and upper size of residential equipment. Special circumstances requiring a difficult changeout will up the price. Hope this helps ------ can black mold grow on my central air conditioner vent? Mold regardless of type can take up residents anywhere the conditions are moist. It can be removed with water soap and disinfect and the usual protective gears (respirator, gloves). Also remember to get lot of fresh air and seal of vent to prevent airborne mold spores from moving around the house. ------ does a central air conditioner need to have two vents? appears like your getting different materials of contanination on your pit that collects the condensate. evaluate periodically cleansing this out via hand and a damp/dry vacuum. you additionally can get a sump pump which will bypass greater advantageous products then your modern type, so this could be much less of a undertaking. ------ Why is my air conditioner leaking? if you see no ice on your coils it may be that your drain tube is clogged compressed air at a reasonable psi would could work or go to a hvac store and buy a long brush to clean out the tube tell them what you need it for they can help ya out ------ What percentage of total kilowatt hours is consumed by a electric fan in a central air conditioner? Not near enough information. The condenser takes by far the most current, but it cycles on & off, while the fan runs continuously. (One would have to know the cooling load.) The current used by the air handling fan is governed by the ductwork it must move the air through, (varies widely from one installation to the next). ------ What is the average cost for replacing an air conditioner? for a small house of 1500 sq.f its from $4000 and up to 9000 depending on the brand and installer. So if you decide to go for a new A/C put some efforts in finding a good reliable HVAC company. Here is how: ------ How to refill Central air ? thats a need a license to buy r-22,you need a set of guages,if the unit has never been serviced you may need a torch and silver solder to install a schrader valve,a vaccuum and recover unit and some leak detection be better off trying something simpler like kidney stone removal as it requires less equiptment ------ What pressures do the high and low side run at on central air conditioners? HVAC Tech.: Your Pressures are those of a system in peak running condition. Temperature will effect them but not to much. As it warms up the head pressure will rise more rapidly than the suction side. A word of caution for what it is worth. It is ILLEGAL to access the refrigerant lines with out proper certification, BE CAREFUL! ------ Where can you buy a kit to charge your central air conditioner. Mine keeps freezing up so I am pretty sure I n They don't sell kits unless you have a license. Freezing up could be caused by low refrigerant but it also could be a dirty filter or dirty coils. Check those first and fix if needed. If the filter is fine and the coils look good, you will need an HVAC tech for the refrigerant. ------ how much does it cost to have an air conditioner installed? Hi,,, a central air - heating unit,,, around 2 to 5 grand depending on how large the house is. if it is a window unit your talking about,, just the price of the unit. plus say 50 bucks if you have someone come put it in for you.maybe 100 now days. i would do it for free if i were there. good luck ------ Why won't my Air Conditioner cool my house? Get a thermometer and check the temperature going into the AC intake, then check the temperature at its closest exhaust vent. If the temperature is 17 to 20 degrees, the unit is doing all it can and you need to focus on insulation, drapes, windows and temperature load. You may have to upgrade? ------ Do you have air conditioner in your house? Only window units, but it's a small house, so they work pretty well. I'm in WV at the moment but grew up in SC. This is the first time I've had a house without central A/C. It's pretty common not to have A/C around here, which I find extremely strange ------ my air conditioner for my home blows out a strong electrical smell. Is this a wall/window unit. I am thinking so since you said air conditioner and not central air. The wires to your compressor may have shorted and burned up. You can buy replacement wires and replace but its hard to tell what could have cause it without looking at it. ------ central air conditioner? The only time the compressor should stop running is when the thermostat's temperature is reached. The compressor compresses the refigerant and it is sent to txv valve or orifice that greatly reduces the refigerant temperature. This how the refigerant gets so cold. As the residence gets warmer the a/c kicks inagain and starts the whole process over again. ------ New central air conditioner stopped blowing cold air, help? If the system is under a year old-then this is a warrenty issue. You can check the circuit breakers to ensure they did not trip, and make sure your thermostat batteries, (if it has them) are not low or dead. Other then that, anything you do could void your warrenty-call the installing contractor or the seller and let them fix it under warrenty. ------ Question about Central Air Conditioners? See details? If you turned the breaker on, maybe the installers put a disconnect on the outside of the house by the unit. Make sure it is turned on. Turn the t-stat to cool and fan auto and turn it down. I would think they ran the unit to try it out after they finished the installation. Hope this helps! Good luck!. ------ do portable air conditioners work? they are rather weak. most of them are not strong enough to cool off an entire apartment. likely you will have to close the bathroom door, bedroom doors etc, biggest thing to make sure of is that there are no leaks (no open windows, no open door cracks, no where for hot air to enter and cool air to escape ------ about central air conditioner size? You want it to cycle that way.The minutes you stated are very good and normal.If it were running continuously and not shutting off,that would be a sign of trouble. If you are going to replace it,look into a 3 ton 14 SEER Goodman. They have excellent warranties and are extremely competitively priced compared to other brands. Good luck. ------ What size central air conditioner needed for a 1400 sqft house? Hi Robert, Properly sizing an air-conditioner is very important. In most of the country there is a rule of thumb that you would need one ton for every 500 to 700 square feet. There are other variables such as insulation, ductwork, and windows. Ultimately the decision should be made by a qualified contractor. If you have any other related questions please let me know ------ Air conditioner does not recycle during the night. get a fancy thermostat that has a humidity setting. I got a new carrier ac/heat pump this year, it came with a carrier tp-prh-a thermostat. it has a humidity setting. If the temp is satisfied but the humidity rises it will run the ac and set the inside fan to a low speed to take the humidity out of the air. ------ What will save more money with the air conditioner. in case you keep your temperature above 75 and use a fan to entice the air by potential of the domicile with the appropriate, that can assist keep the bill down. keep the sunlight and and the doorways closed. if you're cooling one room, the same window unit is more desirable ideal. ------ Is it true that snow fall might mess up a building's central Air Conditioning unit? A/C can run all year if it's set up to run in cold weather. If the compressor has a heater inside it or heat tape around the bottom of the compressor. The oil needs to be warm or it might hurt the compressor. The oil is inside the compressor. Hope this helps you. ------ My home central air conditioner turns it self on while the montier is on a off mode. Is it the a/c or just the fan? As you may know that the fan for heat comes on by a thermostat built into the unit. So if your attic is very hot, the heat may trigger that fan to come on thinking that the heater is on and the plenum is hot enough and the fan runs. ------   Why does it take my air conditioner many hours to cool off again, after I turn it up, and turn it back down again? Yes yes your are unless you know how to use a multimeter to check voltages an capacitor an amp draw of compressor.  An gauges to check refrigerant. From what you say sounds like possible your compressor isn't kicking in all the time hence the hot air probably cause because you air handler is in the attic. ------ Should my attic fan still come on when my central air is on ? Yes it should come on if the thermostat tells it to come on. Most attic fans these days have a built in thermostat that controls only the attic fan it is attached to. It would have nothing to do with your central air conditioner. Remember that heat rises and it may get hotter quicker in your attic than in your main living areas ------ how the i fix the fan on my central Air conditioner? Those motors go bad and they are not the easiest thing to replace due to the way it is mounted inside the handler. I sold quite a few of those motors to customers when I worked at WW Grainger. Im sorry to say, you probably be best off to call the maintenance guy
What Is the Smallest Depth Window Air Conditioner on the Market?
I do not like window units. There are new floor model air-conditioners you can roll around, that take up very little room and all you have to do is vent the air hose. Looks much better, is affordable and they are very nice1. How do you sabotage an old air conditioner?Ha ha ha well you could just buy a new one! But seriously if this has something to do with warranty then you are out of luck because there is really no sneaky way to make an a/c look like it broke because of use. Techs are very good at finding this type of stuff. Sorry2. Know of a good room air conditioner?Portable air conditioners are pretty unreliable. Especially in Texas, you probably want something with a bit more power. Have you considered a wall split (ductless) air conditioner or even upgrade to a fully ducted central air conditioning system? These systems are a lot more reliable, and will help you stay cool.3. Air conditioner is it working properly?To me, it's running ok4. How to soundproof in window air-conditioner?Buy a better unit. There are quieter window AC units. I have a Frigidaire that is very quiet. If you are not a renter consider a split system. Almost completely soundproof.5. Birds in Air Conditioner in Winter months?Just tap on the side of your AC and they will fly not worry, birds adapt and will find a new home in short order6. How do you reset an air conditioner?Units vary. Sometimes the circuit board in the outside unit detects a fault. If you know what your are doing you can read the ligths on the board and the manual will explain the meaning and type of fault. (It could be things like high head pressure or low refrgerant) Most boards will clear themselves. Other borads require buttons to be pressed on the circuit boards. Some will require the power to the outside unit to be disconnected and then reconnected. There should be a delay timer in the board so there will be several minutes before the unit will restart. It is always best to know the reason for the fault. Heat pumps can be very picky on the amount of refrigerant in heat mode.How do you reset an air conditioner?7. Can a window air conditioner be permanently installed thru the wall?Yes, it can be. (It was often done that way in older motels for example.) However, because of the width, you will need to cut a 1-3 studs depending on where the hole falls - and will need to properly build a header and sill above and below the hole you create in the wall.8. Kingersons Air Conditioner Wholesale Website?I have used them several times, they are one of the best online retailers for all air conditioners and heat pumps. Where I live we do not have lot of hvac suppliers and I get all my products from them. It always arrives on time and they all come in great condition. Products are all under factory warranty and they have helped me when needed in the past. Joshua Kinger with the company has great knowledge about the products and he is honest about the pros and cons of the units and always recommends the right products. I have tried others in the past and have had horrible experience, which is why I stopped looking around especially when I know KINGERSONS has great prices and support system to begin with.9. air conditioner condensation pan not draining?Coil drain pans should not hold water in it. It should slope toward the drain. Did you actually open the coil cabinet and seen that it is full and overflowing? If so the unit could be out of level or the drain line is still plugged. If the coil is dirty water could be falling off instead of following the coil down to the pan. There is a coil in the pipe? There should be nothing in the drain pipe to restrict it.10. Whats up with my air conditioner?There could be a number of things wrong with it. You can try to turn the thermostat to the coldest setting and see if it works, if it still kicks in and out, then it may be low on freon. You may be cooling a too large of a room. The compressor may be shot.
Why Might My Kenmore Room Air Conditioner Be Making a Clinging Noise?
Sound like a metal fan blade hitting as is spins up?1. Help, Problems with the air conditioner?heat and cool at the same time? If you just trying them both (at different times) to see if one will work right, and your having the same problem with both, then it sounds like your blower motor is going out. Its overheating and staying off on the overload. And will not be able to turn back on until it cools down. If that happening then you need to change out the motor and capacitor. It is fairley simple to change out the motor if your mechanically inclined, if not call someone out. Just remember to turn off the breaker and double check the wiring so that you do not shock yourself or burn the motor out.2. What is the most efficient way to use an Air Conditioner?unquestionably relies upon what you decide on. One for the window is purely stable for a room. One on your furnace will cool the completed abode. The extra Btu's, the extra capability you utilize to ought to cool your room or abode down3. Home air conditioner help?It could be blowing air if the INDOOR fan is spinning, even if the CONDENSER (outdoor) fan is not ...... Both fans use run capacitors, both will stop if those capacitors are in need of replacement. The most important thing to note until you do get it fixed, is this. .... if you set your t'stat to "cool" and can hear something running outside, but the fan is not spinning, it's the compressor running. DO NOT let it run without the fan spinning. the compressor will keep building heat and pressure in the system, until it finally trips either the high pressure switch, or the internal thermal overload. ASSUMING that there are no problems with either of these, and that it is equipped with them. if not, you will almost certainly burn the windings in the compressor motor (and be shopping for a new A/C) or somewhat possibly blow out a weak point in the refrigeration system (and, be shopping for a new A/C)4. 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser Air Conditioner Problems...Please help!?i need u to hook up a air condition pressure gauge and let me know what the reading is before i can show you the next step5. carpet in house getting soaked because of air conditioner?It may not be anything so complicated as a clogged line... Be sure the unit is slightly tilted OUTWARD so any water runs outside instead of inside.6. portable Air Conditioner unit in arizona.?You know, it's interesting.. Air conditioners do not really make the air cold as people think. They remove the heat from the air before the fan blows it inside. Pretty interesting. And they are making A/C units more and more efficient all the time. Some of them run on less power than you think. But a solar generated power system can be pretty pricey. Then you might have days in a row when it's overcast, sunless, and hence, no power. Have you considered putting that money into better insulation and weatherstripping? That might be more cost-effective. I do not know how well you insulated when you converted, but there's always more you can do. Such as replacing regular doors with insulated fiberglass ones. Or planting shade trees on that side of the house... There's literally thousands of things you can do. Sometimes, you can even get a reduction on your bill from your electricity provider. All I am saying is- check out all your options before you go and spend all that money on something that might or might not pay off. Good luck.7. What temperature is the minimum temperature required to safely run an air conditioner?If you are referring to residential AC (not automotive), the cut off is about 62F (outdoor ambient). Below that, the suction pressure/temp correlation approaches freezing. Once the evaporator freezes, liquid returns to the compressor (slugging) and damage occurs. There are aftermarket solutions such as low ambient controls, crank case heaters, TXVs/EEVs in place of pistons, ball bearing OFMs, etc that will allow (safe) operation down to 32F. The more sophisticated (and expensive) solutions can get that down to 0F.Commercial/industrial systems arrive already set up for low ambient cooling. If it's a residential system and you intend on running it when the outdoor temp is below 60F, consider a free cooling stage. Free cooling uses outdoor air to cool the space (when appropriate).What temperature is the minimum temperature required to safely run an air conditioner?.
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