Expection Operator Defined on Colors

I have found the answer:It seems like the meaning of $langle | z_p - z_q |^2 rangle$ is the color variance measured of the whole image. I dont see their logic, but it seems they meant it like that

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When I slow down at an intersection or lights, my engine light comes in

White smoke is usually water, i.e. coolant; blue smoke is oil. So your white smoke could well be coolant that leaks in the cool(ing) engine. This may or not- be involved with the code that youre checking


How many complex numbers $zxiy$ are there such that $xy1$ and $e^i(x^2y^2)1.$

Yes, but now consider how many times do the line and circles intersect. Looks like it would be either option 3 or 4 though one is more likely if you consider the domain of n. How many unique values of n exist?


Why does my thought experiment involving entanglement appear to violate the speed of light?

If no observations (measurements) are made at location B then there must be results of measurements at location A that demonstrate superposition, and these results must look different than if observations were made at location Bno they don't look different


(Co)homology of the Eilenberg-MacLane spaces K(G,n)

Computing the integral cohomology of $K(pi,n)$'s is feasible but a bit tricky. In fact the only reference I know is expos 11 of H. Cartan's seminar, year 7. I'd be interested if there are other sources that cover that.


2015 Community Moderator Election - Nomination Requests

I think mjolka would be a good candidate. From my experience, he is helpful and friendly, and he lives on the other side of the world, so we could have a moderator around at 3:00 AM in the morning (CST/CDT)


Garage Light mystery

Hard to tell from the little information you provided, but as a gross generalization, things like this tend to be a loose connection and from the sounds of it, a loose neutral connection because the neutral is common to everything


How to block TeamViewer?

Teamviewer app always connect to one of the servers like serverXXXXX.teamviewer.com via httphttps.Run bash script something likeAnd block all of the IP in ip_to_block.txt afer script finishing. This is 100% block all Teamviewer clients.


What if a white light with all the colours of the same phase is produced As a white (LASER)? closed

In the paper linked to below such a device is reported. It produces R, G and B laser light simultaneously. far as I know there is no phase relation between the three colors.


Can we use remain in the dark in metaphorical sense?

For an academic paper I think either (if you know nothing about it)The mechanism of the phenomenon is unknownor(if you know something but not everything about it)The mechanism of the phenomenon is not fully understoodwould be better


Synaptics Palm Dimensions numbers

They are as follows:PalmMinWidth - Minimum finger width at which touch is considered a palmPalmMinZ - Minimum finger pressure at which touch is considered a palmInfo source: ftp:/www.x.org/pub/X11R7.5/doc/man/man4/synaptics.4.html.


Intermittent ethernet connection--me or internet company?

When internet drops do tracepath -n and see how far it'll get. If you don't get anything at all grab your default Gateway from netstat -rn (Line with Destination and Genmast all 0's) and see if you can ping that


Why does Emission shader dilute colors? EEVEE

I guess there is more than one way to do this. I would have tried a RGB-Curve node with a Vector-Math multiplier before and probably after to tweak things (dial back the Green). Skip the color ramp and mapping nodes


Area Lights disappearing when rendering image

It is not easy without the scene of Blender, but I try to guess the problem, which I think can be solved by checking the outliner at the top left, looks, if the camera is active for rendering that light


mactex-basic and authordate1 style

If you runthe shell will output(the repository name may be different, of course). Thus you know that the relevant package is called beebe; indeed, runningoutputs the package's contents, where the files you're looking for are listed.Therefore you need


New mobile web theme, or bug?

We only had a single mobile theme to all sites in the past.The new theme is in place to allow us to do some per-site customization, but the current one for SF is the one shared by most sites


How did the Master Jailer attack Supergirl in Episode 14?

According to this wikia article:Additionally, the Master Jailer demonstrated the ability to fly, shoot energy blasts from his forearms, and project super-strong chains. Its energy blasts and chains where notably used incapacitate Kryptonians, along with several aliens, with ease.


Looking for a short story in which an alien visits earth using ftl after a sub-light interstellar probe visits their star duplicate

You're right, it's by Niven. It's called "Like Banquo's Ghost", referring to how the alien is the proverbial ghost at the feast.Your summary is spot-on, it was probably just hard to locate the story because of the Shakespearian title


How does an energy-conservative Blinn-Phong-Fresnel model work?

I'm not very good with English, let's hope that the variable names are clear.Check this for reference.Said that most of the game engine use GGX ( ).


which usb antivirus is better for cleaning virus that hides files and also remove important.exe duplicate

Most of the antiviruses can remove virus related to USB. But each virus is programmed differently so, it is hard to alter the effect of it (in your case hidden folders).Here are couple of things that you can do:.


Moto X is not recognized on Ubuntu 14.04

Suffered the same problem a while back. The solution is you need to install mtp tools.

Try this, i am pretty sure this will work fine:-Then, make sure the when u plug in ur phone, MTP mode is enabled


Please reconsider your vote to close for this question about inappropriate jokes in the workplace

In addition to the perfectly valid points about it being duplicated; that closed question is super old and it already has an accepted answer. Even if it meets the minimum requirements; what value could it possibly add at this point?


When to use Punkte vs Flecken vs something else?

Ein Punkt is a point, dot, or small spot.

Ein Fleck is a larger spot, blotch or stain.

Ein Tupfen is a spot usually dabbed by hand, or that at least looks like it could have been.Taking your examples


How to run a private Stack Exchange-like site? duplicate

I was disappointed by the official answer so I kept googling around. You may be interested in this question that lists alternativesStack Exchange clonesThis is also mentioned in the comments above by Pekka. I think this response deserves more visibility.


Will Mir display server be able to launch X11 applications?

I was searching the wrong words, this feature is planned for October 2013. The most prominent toolkit choices which include Qt/QML, GTK3, XUL etc. will get native support, others - an in-session rootless X server that is integrated with Mir.


Room lighting in Unity

You have two lights in your scene. One of them is probably the default Directional Light, which is causing your scene to look unevenly lit.The demo scene only has a single Point Light at the top of the room


Why does FileZilla descend into a directory when deleting?

You've answered your own question - there's no concept in ftp of 'removing a directory and everything below it' with one command. Most FTP clients therefore iterate through every file one at a time, and then remove the parent directory


Dropped connection, when modem heats up?

It could be. It's not unusual hardware reboots/shuts down if it gets too warm (as a safety precaution).If your router gets too warm and reboots, it'll drop all connections (and most probably it'll be offline for short time)


If $ lim ntanfrac180n pi $, is $ infty times0 pi $?

This is not a "result". $infty$ is not a number. If your argument were correct you could use it this way:For all positive integers $n$


n times frac1n 1.


Then taking the limit as $n to infty$


infty times 0 1.



Concerning Rules of Exponents & Absolute Value

The rule you're using: $$(a^b)^c a^bc $$ applies for all $b, c in mathbb R$ if and only if $a geq 0$. If $b, c in mathbb Z$, then it also holds for $a lt 0$.So $$((-5)^2)^largefrac 12 (25)^1/2 5$$.


Is there a way to capture only gratuitous ARP's using tcpdump?

In the usual tcpdump for Unix systems, only some fields are known by their name.Try specifying the opcode field by offset and size, and comparing with 2 ("reply")For broadcasts with opcode "reply", which should be just the gratuitous ARPs:


How does a camera meter light when the shutter is closed?

In SLRs, there is (often) a semi transparent mirror to direct the image to the view finder. Part of the image (and light) passes through, and is reflected in a different direction to go towards the focusing and metering sensors


How do I disable these strange contrast hotkeys?

This issue was caused by a program called "Game Companion" which I had previously used to force games that didn't natively support borderless windowed mode into that display configuration. It was running at startup and had hotkeys for gamma adjustment


var .htaccess not activating - cacheleak vulnerability

while .htaccess is bad in many cases, you can add this in to your apache vhost config:just make sure you pass manual test, open app and var folder in your browser.also read this: ------

Audio Equipment in FAQ permissible list

Very good point. I believe you are referring to questions like those tagged hardware. I believe the consensus from this discussion was that these questions are on topic. I'll discuss with the other mods on working this into the FAQ.


Are there any types of lasers that emit orange and yellow light?

Slghtly more exotic, copper vapor lasers work at 510 nm (green) and 578 nm (yellow). They are fairly complex because the laser tube has to be heated to get enough vapor pressure, but determined enthousiasts have managed to build them at home


2 electromagnetic loops, with light-speed constraints: Is Newton's Third Law violated?

In electromagnetism you can find millions of examples of apparent momentum non-conservation. They are all explained by the fact that the electromagnetic field itself carries momentum, and only the total momentum of all matter plus the EM field is conserved


$lim_(x,y)to(0,0) fracxysqrtx^2y^2$

You could do the following: $x^2y^2geq 2|xy|$, so $sqrtx^2y^2geq sqrt2|xy|$, therefore $$left|fracxysqrtx^2y^2right|leqfrac|xy|sqrt2|xy|fracsqrt|xy|sqrt2,$$ which converges to $0$ as $x,yto 0$


Does time travel faster than the speed of light? closed

The speed of light is $3times10^8$ m/s. That's how far a photon travels per second in a vacuum. It doesn't make sense to ask what the speed of time is because time isn't an object that moves through space.


Can I turn to Dark Mode only for specific apps in macOS Mojave?

There's a command that works for this:It's explained here: you don't know the app's bundle id, you can query it using AppleScript, which you can run from the command line with osascript:


Facebook Messenger app/notifications on Linux 2019?

There is an app called Caprine which can be used as Facebook messenger. The software offers .deb, .snap, and .Appimage packages to make it easy to install.

According to their github pageDesktop notificationsDesktop notifications can be turned on in Preferences.


How to set screen contrast using Ubuntu 12.04 on Macbook Pro?

That doesn't make any sense given laptop monitors normally don't come with contrast ratio settings. You need to install xcalib if you want to manually change your gamma/contrast ratio/backlight. ------

Traveling close to the speed of light, would a person (or anything else) have a longer existence or would the existence be passing in slow motion?

With respect to you, i.e, in your reference frame, you would be the same. You would not see length contraction or experience time dilation. However,say, from the frame of the earth, the people would see you at slow-mo.


Resume recursive scp transfer (with rsync?)

The following line should do the trick for that:rsync --partial --progress --rshssh -r :/datafiles/ ./I've never used this for recursive directories before, but when I texted it just now it seemed to work as expected


installing a mail server to be used with PHP

For the Windows People: Hamster Classic is the way to go if your developing on Windows. You can get a test mail server running in just a few minutes and it allows to to inspect the mail packets in detail


Question about poker hand probability

In your counting getting a pair of $8$s and then a pair of $7$s is different from getting a pair of $7$s and then a pair of $8$s. You need the $binom132$ since you're picking 2 denominations to be your pairs


Why do we call our lovers baby?

Etymonline says it's certainly older than rock 'n' roll.As a term of endearment for one's lover it is attested perhaps as early as 1839, certainly by 1901; its popularity perhaps boosted by baby vamp "a popular girl," student slang from c.1922


Can I answer my own Question?

Absolutely. It's even fine to ask a question that you already know the answer to, and then post the answer, if you think it will be useful to others in the future.See also ------

What do the different colors mean in ls?

For your Information:To turn the color off, you have to comment out the following lines in .bashrc.Also if you want to see your own bash color meanings,then copy/paste the following codes in your terminal.Output:



How can I modify the

element on all pages?

I am not sure that that kind of filter is available in wordpress. But, you could do it though javascript. And moreover, if you would like to make condition check for specific data. you could run in functions.php file

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How Must a Waiter/waitress/food Server in a Hotel Light a Guest's Cigarette?
Offer your lighter. That will be apt1. I am 14 and 15 in 2 months my dads close cousin owns a pub can i waiter at this pub?A pub is no place for a young vulnerable child. Get another job that is more age appropriate. A young girl passing drinks and food to people who have been drinking alcohol is not a very wise idea.2. How do I tip a waiter at a bar?You tip them with the bill. I usually tip 16% when the bill comes. You do not have to tip them every time you get a drink.3. Is it okay to address a waiter as "Sir" in India? If not "Sir," what else can be used?You are talking to a Indian man, so use Indian words like 'Bhaiyaji', 'Suniye ji' etc. But, the word 'Bhaiyaji' or, 'Brother' is enough. A simple prologue 'My sisters and brothers of America' made Swami Vivekananda famous in his first speech in the 1893's World parliament of religion. Hence, such a cordial word, obviously has great power.In Bengal, we refer everyone others as 'Dada', which means 'Elder brother', whenever we feel confused about his age. This is one of the most common word here.4. When a waiter comes around to your table after the meal has been served to ask how everything is, do they really want to know if you don't like their dish?Sure, if that's something that's wrong. The real intent, though, is not just to check on the food, it's to check on the overall status of the table. It's not uncommon for customers to realize moments after the waiter walks away from putting your food on the table that they want something else. Maybe they just forgot or maybe it was not until after they took a bite they realized they needed it. Maybe they did not realize until you walked away that part of their order is wrong or missing. Maybe you just realize after a few bites that you really need more sauce or something. Whatever. So that first check back is for literally anything you might want, not just a check on the food quality. But yes, if there's something wrong with your food, by all means say something5. What time would a head waiter get off if the restaurant closes at 11pm?About 2 am. They have to manage the other waiters to clean up for the night, then prep for the next night. The restaurant business is very very tough. An owner of a restaurant would easily put weight of an experienced dishwasher over a so-so prep chef. Why - there's a limited number of plates and the customers at 8 pm are eating off the same plates from the 6 pm crowd. Understanding organization and utilizing experience is key to the restaurant business. The head waiter needs to manage his staff well and understand where the deficiencies are. The utensils do not wrap themselves in the napkins. Trust me, given any chance to perform a shoddy job, a waiter under the head waiter will do that and hurt everyone.6. Should I tip a waiter/waitress if the bill was expensive and they didn't do much?Was the service good? Was it prompt and polite? If yes then tip if not then do not7. Is it rude for a waiter to sit down and talk to his customers?I would hate that; he does not know what he may be interrupting. And it's definitely extremely unprofessional. The question is, how do you politely ask him to leave? If you knew him at all, even just as an acquaintance, it would not be too bad, but it's still not right.8. Isn't it considered rude not to tip your waiter/waitress?But she's not serving you for free, she gets paid a wage. I've heard that servers in America do not necessarily get minimum wage, (which surely makes a mockery of the concept of a minimum wage) and if that's true then it's f*cked and I feel sorry for people in the profession, but it's not the responsibility of their customers to blindly fill the gap in their pay-cheque. A tip should be a response to better-than-average service, not a mandatory charge. Your boyfriend and his friends sound like idiots and yes it's rude not to tip. It's not an obligation though.
5 Impressive Ideas of Using Philips Hue Light Strip in Home
The latest innovations available in the market today are designed to serve a variety of different ideas. One such product that is changing the dynamics of ordinary lighting is Philips Hue Light Strip. It is the most flexible light source which can be modified in any form. It can be installed with the help of an adhesive tape and can be attached to any solid surface. Here are 5 impressive ideas of using Philips Hue Light Strip around the home.1. Add A Lighting "Effect" In The Stair CasesThese multi-coloured strips serve versatile purposes for varying needs and requirements. Homeowners can place these lighting strips anywhere in the home. The overall flexibility makes them the best option to light up the area. Therefore, these can be installed strategically on the wall of stair cases and can improve the appeal of a normal looking stair cases. 2. Break The Monotony In The HomePhilips hue light strips are made with smart technology, so the areas can be dimmed and lit up in accordance with the setting. These lighting strips can be installed in different areas for various applications. With their flexibility and bright colours, they can change the look and feel of a room quite dramatically. These lights are idea for setting the "calming" tone in a home.3. Change The Ambience Of Your RoomLight strips can change the ambience in the bedroom while giving it a serene and relaxing touch. If an individual wants to add an "unwinding" effect to his/her bedroom, then these multi-coloured strips can be placed around the bed and other areas tactically. Light emitted by these strips can also soothe up the senses.4. Improve The Looks Of An "Ordinary" Home TheatreThe home theatre is a place where family members gather to spend time together while binging on their favourite movies. At times, the owner wants to improve the complete look of a room by altering the lighting in the room. Instead of spending a lot of money on expensive lights and lamps, the owner can save a lot by installing hue light strips to create a brighter look.5. Add More Colours To The HomeAt times, it becomes essential to revamp the natural setting of any room by adding a bit of colours in the surrounding. Even though painting the room is a feasible option, there are other ways as well to add more colours in a home. One of the most effective and time saving options is to install Philips Hue Light strips in a desired area.Conclusion:These strips work as a useful tool for improving the looks and setting up a tone of a room. Philips Hue Light strips add a touch of colour in the room and work well for various decorative purposes. Summary: Follow these ideas of using Philips Hue Light Strip and add a creative touch to your home. Get easy-to-install strips from the house of Philips and see the transformation of your roomLight activation sensor for a ambient light strip.?Yes Pete, there are a couple of options. There is a dusk to dawn control that you plug into your outlet and then plug your lights into that. And there are photo Controls that you could add into your cord that would do the trick. The first option would be the easiestcan aquarium light strips fit reptisun fluorescent bulbs?Yup. That's what i did.What size neon light strips do I need for my 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R ABS?So you already tested your electrical system and figured out your available amperage? If not you need to go ahead and stop right there. the voltage draw screws with the way the electrical system works. Also, most states have banned them anyway because the most popular colors were determined to be hazardous to others on the road. You can use LED's in some applications but the low voltage draw causes problems that often requires other components to fix adding weight and additional failure points to your electrical harness, never goodI had neon light strips hooked up underneath my daughters car and now it wont start.?They just might have something to do with each other....... Remove the wiring from whatever they hooked it up to first, check all of the fuses and then try and start the vehicle. They many have wired it up using a circuit for the cooling fans and the vehicle may have got hot and caused the water pump to start leaking.......as for the the rest like the rpm it could be anything but do as I said above first..........
Are Cat Fish Attracted to Light?
thats what i've heard ,but i always thought it was a myth1. can i house an oscar fish with a Striped Raphael cat fish?NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAAAAAAAY. they will FIGHT. they dont get along like brothers and sisters. one swims up to the other and says- "brring it on, man" and the other one says- "you are on, man" and they fight, then... BAM... one kicks the bucket... haha2. is a pleco fish a cat fish?yeah just part of the sucker catfish family they get huge!!! 18'' 3. When is the best time to catch Cat Fish?This Site Might Help You. RE: When is the best time to catch Cat Fish? What is the best bait, time of day,4. My dog ate a dead cat fish?My rat terrier mix ate a bug covered in ants on his walk today. I told him to drop it and when I opened his mouth there were ants crawling all over his teeth...gross. I worry that your pup might have eaten some bones, that might obstruct something. It may not be a bad idea to call your vet. Otherwise watch him, and make sure his "stuff" is OK. Good luck5. Where can i buy a fishing rode to catch giant cat fish?I would go with a bait casting reel. Spinning reels will do well but i would prefer a bait caster for the big cats. That Bass Pro Megacast reel will work, but if you have enough money get you an Abu Garcia Ambassador or how ever you spell it. Good reels right there. For the rod i would go with a H action 8' Berkley Glowstik or Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger. Oh yeah, fill that reel with 50 lb. Power Pro. Basically use at least a 7' MH rod.6. what type of hardy cory cat fish can i keep in my 26 gallon tank?They do count quantity, certainly, as they make contributions to the bioload and the quantity of organic and organic waste this is on your tank. Tetras must be in communities of six at minimum, so do corydora catfish. Guppies delight in being in communities, not pairs. Your tank may well be domicile to a team of six corydora's, 2 dwarf gourami's, your loach and a team guppies. in case you are making plans on breeding them, you need to be retaining 3 women folk for one and all male, even though breeding is going to be a tad complicated with the gourami's. including the tetras might overstock your tank, plus they are in a position to grow to be slightly nippy while it is composed of alternative fish like your guppies and gourami's.7. will a red tail cat fish work in a 110 gallon with one silver arrowana and two or three oscars.?The answer is not just no, but HELL no. Alone, a red-tail cat needs a minimum of 500 gallons because they exceed 4 feet and easily hit a hunnerd pounds... a silver arowana needs a minimum of 300 gallons by itself... and a group of 2 or 3 oscars need about 175 gallons. That's 975 gallons total for them to happy. There is NO way you could keep 5 fish that grow rather large in a 110 gallon tank. They will stunt and more than likely die before they reach maturity.8. I hav 2 oscars 3 pictus cat fish a plecomosus 5 gold fish a betta and a shark?hello! you can keep goldfish in a 50 gallon, but not with any other fish. i have a 140 gallon JUST for my 4 goldfish alone. they produce a lot of waste, therefore a lot of ammonia. your oscars and betta are aggressive fish and should not be kept with community fish. they also get very large and should be kept in their own 50 gallon (with more maybe 2 more oscars to keep them from getting bored/stressed and angry). the pleco will get HUGE also. about 18inches. he's fine for now if he's small, but keep in mind you will eventually need to find a new PROPER home for hom (some aquatic stores take in fish as credit towards new fish). you betta should be alone in a 10 gallon that is heavily planted....ours is in the bathroom, he loves it there with just his snail "friend" ! anyway, i think your tank is crowded, and if you do not have the proper filtration you will have problems coming quickly. stress, fighting, death, ammonia poisoning.... a canister filter is best. the power filters that are common do not do a good enough job for the kind of fish you have. if this were my situation i would give the goldfish and pleco a new home (i forgot to mention that goldfish and plecos should not house together as the plecos will damage your goldfish!), buy a 10 gallon system for the betta with lots of plants and an apple snail and start yourself a bad a*ss semi-aggressive 50 gallon tank with oscars and shark! (you may need a bigger tank when they are fully grown, but for now, you would be good!) good luck!
Why Do My Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out?
Another possible issue: you may be using a bulb that is not well-suited for its location. For example, LED bulbs are better suited to light fixtures that have frequent on/off usage throughout the day - like those in motion sensors or bathrooms. CFLs are particularly vulnerable to this type of usage because turning them on and off repeatedly degrades their electrodes, significantly diminishing the life of the bulb.how can I waste electricity more effectively?By a 200ft picture frame of yourself surrounded by bulbs and make duplicates so there is one in each city. That will help waste a bit. And will be seen as important too. Make sure the electric generator is powered by oil coated coal. Ahhhh carbon-rific!How Long Do Smart Bulbs last? | Comprehensive GuideWith the advent and the use of modern technology, every aspect of human life has seen a massive change and homes and commercial spaces are no different. These evolving technologies have brought about the use of smart bulbs to light up our homes and offices in a beautiful and smart way. How long do Smart Bulbs last? On average, a smart bulb lasts for anywhere between 15 to 25 years or for 15000 to 25000 hours, whichever happens, earlier. So, they can last one entire phase of your life. Since they are made through the use of LED technology, they can last really long but have shorter lifespans than the non-smart LED bulbs. But what makes them so long-lasting and what is a smart bulb in reality? Let us find out in detail. You might find interesting reading: how much power does a tiny house use? The smart bulb is in simple terms lighting and fixture that can be controlled using wireless means and technology. These bulbs are different from the regular ones as these are automated and you just do not need to control them manually. Smart bulbs can be controlled seamlessly by using remotes or through mobile devices. And once installed these bulbs can be used to create lighting and color effects that can add a beautiful ambiance to your homes. All of that can be done with the swipe and click of a finger on your smartphone. The smartphone app or the remote control enables you to increase and reduce the brightness of the light as and when you want. You can use these smart bulbs to trigger customized scenes and schedule them to switch on and off at a particular time of the day automatically. It is one of the best and smartest ways of lighting your homes. Imagine being under your blanket on a cold night and you have left your living room lights on. All you need to do is open your smartphone and turn off the lights from your smartphone. Its life made simple and more comfortable - thanks to modern LED technology. All smart bulbs are made using LED technology. Inside are LED lights full of small diodes. These diodes are light-emitting made up of semiconductor materials. They comprise of layers or electrons. While one of the layers is full of electrons, the other layer is devoid of them. This difference in the electron counts between these layers makes them flow from the excess electron layer to the depleted layer which produces light through electronic excitation of diodes. Since the semiconductor materials do not conduct enough electricity on their own, impurities are added to the semiconductors in the manufacturing process. This process of adding impurities to the semiconductor is known as doping. The addition of impurities enhances the quality of the light-emitting diodes. To power up the diodes, electrical wires are added. Compounds of gold and silver are used in the LED components and wires since they can be soldered and can stand high temperatures. Finally, to provide the required finishing the diodes are encased in plastic encasements and not glass materials as in the case of the conventional bulbs that makes them long-lasting and durable. The design aspects are taken care of by expert designers and they take some creative liberty to create beautiful looking LED lights and bulbs to cater to the needs. But how do these LED bulbs turn into smart bulbs? Chips and circuits are inserted into LED bulbs that make them WiFi capable which can then be connected to smartphones or gateways for control. We will discuss how these smart bulbs are set up in the next section. How Do I set up a Smart Bulb? Smart bulbs and smart lighting systems are manufactured by many companies and every company will have some minor difference in setting them up but fundamentally the concept behind the setup and the process is more or less the same. And setting up the smart light is an easy DIY process. Let us take you through the steps to set up smart bulbs in detail: Step 1: Decide on the make, model and type of the Smart Bulbs you wish to buy There are many renowned brands that are nowadays into manufacturing smart lighting products. Choose the one that suits your needs and the place where you would be installing them. These bulbs usually cost around $20. You can see the Amazon bestselling model and price here. Check if the bulb you are purchasing needs a Hub or it can be installed without one. A hub is like a wireless router that the bulbs may use to connect to the internet. Nowadays bulbs usually come with an inbuilt wi-fi capability and are usually capable of connecting with all kinds of smart devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. But you may want to check the compatibility before deciding on one. See Amazon bestselling HUB compatible with all mentioned smart devices by clicking the link above. Step 2: Install the Smart Bulbs into the light fixtures Once you have chosen the smart bulb you need, you can then start its installation. To do that you need to first fix your smart bulbs to the existing light fixtures. Make sure that the fixtures and bulb holders are compatible with the smart bulb model. Many new smart bulbs do not fix to the traditional bulb holders and fixtures. So, once you decide to "make your home smarter", you will need to make sure that all the fixtures are compatible with the smart bulbs you plan to install. Once you have the right fixtures in place, fix the smart bulbs in those fixtures. Step 3: Add the Smart Bulbs to the network Now that you have fixed the bulbs, it's time to add them to your home Wi-Fi network. Most brands have apps for Android and iOS platforms. And the links to those apps are usually available in one of the manuals itself. All you need to do is download the product app and then add the product or the smart bulb you have purchased to the network. At this step, turn on the power switch. The bulb shall blink thrice and then you will be prompted to click Next in the product app. Look for the section to connect the smart bulb to the Wi-Fi network. Different products have different ways to do it on the app but that is something you can figure out. The above was for hubless smart bulbs. For bulbs that need a hub, you will also need to buy a smart switch or hub that acts as a router for all these bulbs. So when you fix those bulbs in the fixtures and turn them on, you will have to simultaneously turn on the hub as well. All your smart bulbs shall find and pair to the hub which can then be controlled via the apps on your smartphone. Once that is done your Smart Bulb will be ready and connected on the network. This is an optional step but since most of the homes nowadays have a smart device such as an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you must know how to connect your devices to the smart bulbs. We will cover the steps for both. How to add a smart bulb to Google Home Assistant? Open the Google Assistant App on your device. Click the icon that reads "Options" on the top left-hand corner and then click on the Home Control option. Then Click on Add Devices. When you do an Add Device, the list of all devices on the network will be displayed. Select the smart bulb from the list and then add the device. The devices will sync to your google assistant app. You can sync all smart bulbs in the network if required. How to add a smart bulb to Alexa? Open the Alexa app on your smartphone or the device you want to use. Lok for Skills under Menu and search for the required Skill or the smart bulb you have installed. Click on Enable Skill. You can either ask Alexa to discover the devices or you can do it manually by clicking on the Discover Devices option in the Smart Home section of the app. Once the smart bulbs are discovered by Alexa the lights will start featuring under the smart home section of the app where you can create group assignments that allow them to be controlled, turned on and off in groups rather than doing it individually for each light. Alexa and Google Assistants both are a versatile way of controlling the smart bulbs as everything can be affected by the use of voice commands. You can dim the lights or change the hues - it creates unlimited possibilities for you to make these smart bulbs work the way you want. So by now, it might be somewhat clear as to how these smart bulbs work. Once it is all set up and installed these bulbs can be controlled effortlessly from the native apps or through smart home control devices such as Google Home and Alexa. More often than not, a smart home hub is required so that the smart bulbs can be operated wirelessly. These hubs use communication methodologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, etc. And then the hub can be connected to your respective mobile devices, PCs, and tablets. Pay Attention: Some of the brands may also want you to buy their special gateway for wireless use. This is usually a separate piece of hardware or a box that is required to be purchased separately. This is needed to ensure communication with smart bulbs and pass commands. At the same time technology is changing so you may find them releasing a new version which works without this extra component. For instance, the Philips Hue Bridge was required for Philips Smart Bulbs year ago but now with new lights are not needed anymore. Smart bulbs whether they are app-controlled, smart home hub controlled or bridge controlled can be played with the way you want. Some of the features are: You can dim the lights Set the right brightness for the right place You can form groups and turn them off all at once or turn them on. you can choose which ones are to be left on and which ones are to be turned off. Smart Bulbs can even be voiced control through the means we mentioned earlier by telling them how to be. Is not this amazing way of making your lights work? With smart technology setting, accent and Ambient lights become an easy task. Hub bulb is a prerequisite with certain brands to get separate hardware or an access point to which all the smart bulbs could connect. When the hardware, in turn, on, the bulb can then access the WiFi network. So in such cases, all the smart bulbs interact with the hub and the hub or the bridge is app-controlled through a mobile or a smart home device such as Google Assistant or Alexa. Hubless bulbs, on the other hand, are bulbs with in-built WiFi capability and they can be controlled via the native app directly without any bridge. Since most buyers do not like to invest in a separate bridge hubless bulbs are preferred over the ones that need a hub. For instance, if you have 5 smart hubless bulbs, there will be 5 different devices connected to your WiFi network which however would show as only one in case of a Smart Lighting system that uses a hub. Are LED bulbs worth the money compared to incandescent bulbs? Well, the answer to that question is a big Yes! We already talked about the lifespan of a smart bulb. A smart bulb is an LED bulb and compared to its 25,000 hours a normal incandescent bulb lasts for up to 1200 hours. This simply means that 1 LED smart bulb is equivalent to 21 incandescent bulbs. In terms of energy efficiency as well a 10 Watt Smart LED light will do the same kind of work that a 60 Watt normal incandescent light does which simply translates to you saving a lot on energy bills and reducing the carbon footprint as well. Yes, the upfront costs are on the higher side, but if you can ensure efficient and wise use of your LED bulbs, you can certainly save a lot on your bills that is eventually going to make up for the costs that you incurred when setting up your smart lighting system initially. Tips for picking the right Smart Bulb Now that we have covered almost all aspects of Smart Bulbs, let's quickly list some tips that will help you to select the best one: First thing is to consider the purpose of the bulb as in where you would be installing it - living room, bedroom or kitchen, etc. Based on the purpose consider the wattage required, for instance, you might want a brighter light for the living room so get a light with higher wattage. On Amazon, you can find smart bulbs where you can change the brightness from 2700K to 6000. Check the price here. Next is to check if you are trying to create any ambient effects with the lighting and can appropriately choose color smart bulbs (link to Amazon) if required. For instance, for your bedrooms, you may choose a color light for the perfect mood. Then, of course, consider the connectivity and compatibility of the device with your smart hub device (link to Amazon) or if you plan to buy any with the device you plan to get. And last but not least, check the prices.
Best Color Paint to Reflect Light for My Living Room?
What Colors Reflect Light1. What color should I paint my new living room?Deep Red or Deep Green2. paint color(s) for kitchen and living room?Jewel and Demon_Mi nailed it. A soft sage green with olive undertones would be pleasing with the olive couch (go light or dark enough to sufficiently contrast the couch). This would also be beautiful with the granite, steel, black and cherry. Check out Benjamin Moore's 1503. If this is too bold, simply go a lighter shade on the same card. I do not think you could go wrong with the right shade of green!!!!!3. Does this look ok....living room?I would rather sit on the floor, just kiddin. It looks ok as long as you all like it4. Does your house have a family room and a formal living room?At my home we have both in our family room: more of a kids area, large tv, wii, books, piano, large old black leather couches which have handled 13 years of wear and tear without looking old formal living room: fancy dinner table, glass stuff, fancy sculptures, no tv, a large plant, more of my parents's area5. Ideas for a living room design?I would go with quality futons over sleeper sofas6. I need help decorating my living room?I am not sure about an actual website but I find IKEA stores to be very helpful when decorating rooms7. What colors would look good together for the walls of a living room?lavendar...soft and lt blue also soft. so refreshing and pretty8. Alternatives to a televison set in the Living room?How about one of those digital photo frames? Kind of expensive though! You could change the picture whenever you felt like!9. Help! What do I do with a white and red living room? :-(?use paint remover and a stiff brush and scrub the brick, gives you a shabby part red brick part white look , like its really old. then paint the wood work weathered grey, and the walls can be red, slate blue, or just about any color you like as long as they go well with the room on the other side of the glass, orange and red,ick. or you can paint the trim brown and the walls tan and tone it down to a nice comfy warm look. chocolate brown also looks great with blue or aqua. if you get a lot of sun, you might want cool colors, if you get lots of shade all year you can go with warmer colors. good luck10. Help! Big living room problem?? What would you do?good thing its not my apartment and t.v. that tube would be out the window in a second. (along with the others) problem solved11. How to (PICS) lay out my living room?Why do not you try mydeco.com for inspiration and ideas - maybe create a mood board or look at other users' 3D rooms or design your room using the 3D planner and experiment with different colours, add wallpaper or art, add furniture to the room, add or change light fixtures, change the colour of the carpet, add curtains or blinds and view the room from different angles. I used it when I was decorating my room and it helped me to decide what colours worked well together, what looked good, it's easy and free to use and saved me a lot of time and money. Plan the room out before you buy anything or make any big decisions so that you avoid making any mistakes. Hope that helps.12. how to decorate apartment living room with black leather couch?I would pick a new and "deep" color and get several accent pieces in that one color to place around the room. For example, deep red throw pillows, maybe a throw blanket, small decorative pieces to place on tables, all predominately red (or whichever rich color you choose). The reason I suggest a rich color is because if you get anything pale , it will simply fade into the rest of the neutrals (and you have A LOT of neutrals). It's the little things that pull a room together. If you cannot paint the walls, consider either buying or having a friend make a piece or two of artwork that go with your accent color
Knowledge Related to UFC Fight Night: Machida Vs. Dollaway
UFC Fight Night: Machida vs. Dollaway (also known as UFC Fight Night 58) was a mixed martial arts event held at the Ginsio Jos Corra in Barueri, Brazil on December 20, 2014.• Other Related Knowledge of night lightReception of night lightPaul Witcover in Sci Fi Weekly wrote that the series is "one of the most ambitious and enthralling sagas in all of science fiction: The epic tale of a star-spanning civilization of intelligent machines methodically working to exterminate a species of pestiferous vermin that calls itself humanity."------Music video of night lightThe video for the song, starring Coverdale's future wife Tawny Kitaen, was MTV's most requested in its first week of release. Kitaen's role had been promised to the pre-fame Claudia Schiffer.------Parts of night lightThe film is divided into small parts:Premier jour (first day)La lumire (the light)L'esprit (the spirit)Le mouvement (the movement)Le jeu (the play)La grce (the grace)La nuit (the night)La foi (the faith)La tendresse (the tenderness)L'amour (the love)La haine (the hate)Dernier jour (last day)La naissance (the birth)------Legacy of night lightThe cartoon has seen a revival mostly through the manufacture and circulation of bootleg copies of the program. The Night the Animals Talked was never officially released in any form on VHS or DVD. McGraw-Hill released a 16mm film print for educational use in schools in 1975.------Distinctions of night lightThe only Arab Mr. Olympia.One of five bodybuilders to win the Mr. Olympia only once (1983).The only bodybuilder to defeat eight-time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney in a Mr. Olympia contest.The only bodybuilder to have won the Mr. Olympia as his first professional bodybuilding title.The last Mr. Olympia to weigh under 200 lbs.------Singles of night lightThe album was preceded by "Take Me" as the lead single on 8 March 2013 and "Desert Night" as the second single on 21 June 2013. "Tonight" was released as the third single on 22 November 2013, followed by "Sundream" as the fourth and final single on 21 March 2014------Partial filmography of night lightWhere Does It Hurt? (1972)Fly Me (1973) - AndreaThe Six Million Dollar Man (1974) - Sharon EllisMissing in Action (1984) - Ann FitzgeraldL.A. Bounty (1989) - Kelly RhodesKid (1990) - AliceThe Woman Who Sinned (1991 TV movie) - Jane WoodmanNervous Ticks (1992) - KatieStarship Troopers (1997) - Mrs. RicoCellular (2004) - Ticket Checker------Biography of night lightGracie was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master Rickson Gracie. He began his training under his father as a child. In 2008, at the age of 19, he received his black belt from his father..------The Extended Plays (EPs) of night lightRock 'n' Roll, Volume 2 (4-track EP, 1977) Capricorn, 2206 201 (Brazil)Something's Going Wrong With My BabyLife LineLocomotive BreathEventidesMorning Light (4-track EP, 1977) JoBurg Records, TJS57Morning LightA Love You SongBrand New LoveWhen You're Without Her19721978 Limited Souvenir Edition (4-track EP, 1978) JoBurg Records, TJM73Rock 'N Roll Part One & TwoI Was ElevenLocomotive BreathGoodbye And So-Long------Reported payouts of night lightStephan Bonnar: $24,000Luke Cummo: $24,000Rashad Evans: $24,000Josh Koscheck: $14,000Chris Leben: $14,000Joe Stevenson: $12,000Josh Neer: $8,000Jon Fitch: $8,000Sam Hoger: $7,000Dan Christison: $6,000Brad Imes: $6,000Chael Sonnen: $6,000Trevor Prangley: $6,000Jason Von Flue: $5,000Luigi Fioravanti: $5,000Keith Jardine: $5,000Josh Burkman: $5,000Ansar Chalangov: $2,000Disclosed Fighter Payroll: $181,000------Bonus awards of night lightThe following fighters received $50,000 bonuses.Fight of the Night: Tristan Connelly vs. Michel Pereira (Michel Pereira was ineligible to receive any bonus money due to missing weight, therefore Tristan Connelly received a $100,000 bonus.)Performance of the Night: Justin Gaethje and Misha Cirkunov------Russia of night lightIn the 1990s Russia experimented with solar mirrors, hoping to reflect sunlight to some of its cities. The first test functioned for a few days before its de-orbit, but the second test failed to unfold and was incinerated in the atmosphere. The project was subsequently scrapped.------Events ListUFC Fight Night: Stevenson vs. Guillard of night lightUFC Fight Night: Stevenson vs. Guillard (also known as UFC Fight Night 9) was an event held on April 5, 2007 at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.ResultsBonus awardsFight of the Night: Kenny Florian vs. Dokonjonosuke MishimaPerformance of the Night: Joe Stevenson and Kurt Pelligrino------Reported Payout of night lightAnderson Silva: $36,000Rashad Evans: $24,000Stephan Bonnar: $16,000Jon Fitch: $16,000Josh Koscheck: $14,000Jason Lambert: $14,000Luke Cummo: $12,000Rob MacDonald: $10,000Mark Hominick: $8,000Chris Leben: $7,000Thiago Alves: $6,000Jonathan Goulet: $6,000Kristian Rothaermel: $5,000Jorge Gurgel: $5,000Justin Levens: $5,000Dave Menne: $5,000Branden Lee Hinkle: $4,000Jorge Santiago: $4,000Disclosed Fighter Payroll: $197,000------Professional career of night lightLight competed on the PGA Tour Canada in 2015, where he made three cuts in eleven starts.At the 2017 U.S. Open, he made the cut on the line at one over. It is the second consecutive year, and the second time overall, that a former Malone University golfer competed in the U.S. Open.------Personal life of night lightRustam has a wife. A devout Sunni Muslim. He trains under Khabib Nurmagomedov's father Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov (sambo/MMA), Anvar Magomedgadzhiev, Abdusalam Gadisov and Akhmed Gadzhimagomedov (wrestling), Mike Winkeljohn (boxing), Greg Jackson (MMA)------Olakaneeswara Temple of night lightThis temple was dedicated to lord Siva. By the end of the eighteenth century or in the beginning of the nineteenth century, the sivalinga was possibly removed by some vandals. A granite roof was constructed atop the temple to keep the light from 1887 to 1900.------Motor racing of night lightAlain Prost and Sebastian Vettel both won four F1 world championships.Juha Kankkunen and Tommi Mkinen both won four World Rally Championships.Yvan Muller is the only person to win four World Touring Car Championships.Olivier Gendebien, Henri Pescarolo and Yannick Dalmas have all won the Le Mans 24 hour race four times.------ResultsBonus awards of night lightEach of the following awards resulted in an additional $60,000 payout to the participating fighter:Fight of the Night: Kurt Pellegrino vs. Thiago TavaresKnockout of the Night: Rashad EvansSubmission of the Night: Jason MacDonald------Establishment of night lightPoloniny Dark-Sky Park was officially declared on December 3, 2010 in Snina. It was established on the occasion of the International Year of Biodiversity 2010 as the first dark sky area in Slovakia. Poloniny Dark-Sky Park was declared by agreement of six partner organizations.------Causes of night lightThe lights are believed by some to be from passing cars on the highway in the distance (which looks like small floating lights that flash off in the distance).Some believe that it's caused by piezoelectricity from the constant stress that the area's underground quartz crystals are under. Gurdon sits above large amounts of quartz crystals and the New Madrid fault line.------Personnel of night lightJeff Lynne bass, percussion, piano, guitar, vocals, Moog synthesizerRoy Wood guitar, bass, clarinet, percussion, bassoon, cello, oboe, recorder, vocals, slide guitarBev Bevan percussion, drumsBill Hunt French hornSteve Woolam violinMike de Albuquerque bass, vocalsMike Edwards celloWilfred Gibson violinRichard Tandy Moog synthesizer, piano, guitar, harmoniumColin Walker cello------Why March 21st / The Equinox of night lightThe choice of the date comprised a good deal of discussion. Among all suggestions, the idea exposed by Leonhard Oberascher (from Austria) prevailed: every year, March 21 is the equinox aequus (equal) and nox (night). Around the equinox, the night and day are approximately equally long, symbolically relating to the complementary nature of light and darkness, light and shadow expressed in all human cultures.------Championships and accomplishments of night lightMixed martial artsUltimate Fighting ChampionshipPerformance of the Night (One time) vs. Krzysztof JotkoNordic MMA Awards - MMAviking.com2014 Fighter of the Year ShootfightingEuropean Shootfighting LeagueEuropean Light Heavyweight Shootfighting Champion.Scandinavian Light Heavyweight Shootfighting Champion.------History of night lightThe group Nerves Junior formed in 2009 sharing a love for fringe garage rock and pop. Their music has been described as expansive, eclectic, experimental psychedelic rock. The band has garnered comparisons to Radiohead with "effects-heavy lead guitar and the adventurous electronic beats".Their sonaBLAST! Records 2011 release As Bright As Your Night Light was Pretty Much Amazing's Best Reviewed Album of the Year for 2011.------Themes of night lightThe special is known for approaching a variety of themes, such as segregation, racism, and vanity. The interactions of the animals spells out the problems of mankind, but they are seen through the vantage points of animals, in a manner similar to George Orwell's Animal Farm------Aftermath of night lightOn August 13, 2019, it was announced by the California State Athletic Commission that John Allan tested positive for tamoxifen in a fight night test. He faced potential suspension, fines and the reversal of his decision win against Mike Rodriguez.------Activities of night lightSome of the activities and events that are unfolded on the International Colour Day:Arts exhibitions, architectural projects, design, decoration, fashion....Meetings, debates, scientific events...Workshops on the use of colour and light for both adults and children.Contests on colour and light design.Wearing national or regional identity colours.------Background of night lightDa Silva began training in various forms of martial arts as a youngster. He then starting training in Muay Thai, and jiu-jitsu as a teenager before transitioning to mixed martial arts in 2011------Television of night lightFive years after the movie, the Odets play was adapted for television. John Frankenheimer directed the Playhouse 90 production, telecast live June 13, 1957 on CBS with Kim Stanley in the lead role of Mae D'Amato, E. G. Marshall as Jerry D'Amato and Lloyd Bridges as Earl Pfeiffer. Also in the cast were John Bleifer and Edgar Stehli------Music of night lightThe program featured songs from the well-known duo of lyricist Sammy Cahn and composer Jule Styne; their contributions to the special, "A Parable", "It's Great to Communicate", "The Greatest Miracle of All", "Let's Not Behave Like People" and "A Place Like This", remain mostly unknown to their fans------Units of night light1st Battalion2nd Battalion3rd Battalion4th Battalion5th Battalion6th Battalion8th Battalion (Param Vir Chakra Paltan)9th Battalion10th Battalion11th Battalion12th Battalion13th Battalion15th Battalion16th Battalion17th BattalionOthers:7th Battalion is now 1st Battalion, Ladakh Scouts14th Battalion is now 2nd Battalion, Ladakh Scouts------Cast of night lightAnthony Michael Hall as PatrickDaryl Hannah as BirdyJennifer Taylor as KarinAlan Ruck as JosephRachel G. Fox as Tracie JacksonShirley Jones as NanaTia Robinson as JaniceDaniel Ross as PerryZoe Canner as IrinaDaniel Moorehead as DizzyRogelio T. Ramos as Officer Lopez------Books in the series of night lightEvermore (February 3, 2009)Blue Moon (July 7, 2009)Shadowland (November 17, 2009)Dark flame (June 22, 2010)Night Star (November 16, 2010)Everlasting (June 7, 2011)Alyson Noel also wrote a spin-off series called the Riley Bloom Series, featuring Ever's sister, Riley.On March 28, 2011, author Alyson Noel announced that the rights to all 10 books in both The Immortals and Riley Bloom Series have been optioned by Summit Entertainment.------Track listing of night lightAll tracks written by William "Bill" Sharpe and Roger Odell except where indicated.Side 1:"Night Birds" 6:25"Streetwalkin'" 5:33"Rio Nights" 5:18"Fly the Wind" 4:20Side 2:"Easier Said Than Done" 6:12"Bitch to the Boys" 6:31"Light on My Life" 4:47"Takin' Off" (William "Bill" Sharpe) 5:06Produced by Nigel Wright.------Filmography of night lightAmarsi un po'... (1984)Cocoon (1985)Sleeping Beauty (1987)Lethal Obsession (1987)Cocoon: The Return (1988)Disperatamente Giulia (1989)La boca (1990)L'angelo con la pistola (1992)The Criminal Mind (1993)Night Train to Venice (1993)Improper Conduct (1994)Search and Destroy (1995)I Shot Andy Warhol (1996)Johnny 2.0 (1997)Sue (1997)Black Light (1999)Body and Soul (2000)------Death of night lightChristine died, aged 88, on 29 September 1985. Six weeks later, Charles Birkin, ten years her junior died on 8 November. Between then, they had been responsible for arguably the two most intriguing anthology series of horror fiction to be published in England between the wars.------Further information of night lightIt is a very melodious raga, and whereas heavy classical genres like Khyals are often based on this raga, light classical genres are more popular in Tilak Kamod. Rarely, a tinge of Komal Ni is also used in this raga. The raga is very close to ragas like Desh, and hence requires a skilful rendition for the differences to be distinct to the listener.------Announced bouts of night lightHeavyweight bout: Alexander Volkov vs. Walt HarrisMiddleweight bout: Robert Whittaker vs. Jared CannonierFeatherweight bout: Zabit Magomedsharipov vs. Yair RodrguezWomen's Flyweight bout: Cynthia Calvillo vs. Lauren MurphyLight Heavyweight bout: Da Un Jung vs. Sam AlveyWomen's Flyweight bout: Liana Jojua vs. Miranda MaverickLight Heavyweight bout: Magomed Ankalaev vs. Ion CuelabaWelterweight bout: Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos vs. Shavkat Rakhmonov------Observation of night lightThe most favorable period for observing the nebula in the night sky is between the months of December and April. Its southern declination makes it easier to observe from the Southern Hemisphere, though it is easily visible from most of the Northern Hemisphere as well. It appears as a faint cloud in photographs taken with high-power amateur instruments, with the help of special filters.------Titles of night lightThe Matthew Arnold poem has been a source for numerous titles, including Norman Mailer's The Armies of the Night and Clifford Irving's On a Darkling Plain. The 1964 British film Clash by Night carries an identical title, but it is a different story, not based on Odets play.
Honda Shine, One of the Top Selling Bikes in India
Honda is the company who has been the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959 and world's greatest manufacturer of internal combustion engines as well, measured by volume producing more than 14 million internal combustion engines each year. Honda automobiles were the first Japanese manufacturer to release a splendid luxury brand, Acura, in 1986 which was really a bizarre. Apart from their core automobile and motorcycle businesses, Honda also manufactures many other products as garden equipment, marine engines, personal watercraft and power generators, amongst others. Honda Two-Wheeler now prefixing 'CB' with every bike, Honda bikes really look different from others with its unique features. It started writing Honda CB Twister, Honda Shine and Honda Unicorn. Its new bike Honda CB Dazzler also has the same prefix which makes it more attractive. The prefix also indicates of using BS III emission norms as well. The Honda CB Dazzler was showcased at Delhi Auto Expo 2010 as a concept sports bike for a better advertisement, Honda shine is different from its other bikes in terms of its features and looks. Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India are applying their all efforts to get respectable share in the Indian two wheeler market by launching more stylish and attractive two wheelers. For the accomplishment of this target the company had launched all segment bikes from 110cc to 1237cc which include Honda Activa, Honda Shine, Unicorn, Dazzler.Honda India has launched its Fuel Injected variant of Honda CBF Stunner PGM FI in Indian market with a big bang. The new variant is destined to get a high augmentation in the sales of the company. This 125cc model is already famous in youth. Programmed Fuel Injection technology is another amazing feature for the gen-next. The Honda bikes prices in Delhi are currently lowest and in Chennai the on road prices are highest. Honda Shine spoke wheel price in Delhi is Rs. 45,405/- while Honda Stunner CBF self alloy price is Rs. 54,167/- Honda Unicorn Alloy Wheel price Rs. 61,907/- only. The prices of two wheelers generally vary as per the location.Honda Shine is one of the top selling bikes of Honda in India. The bike has 12cc engine with mileage of more than 50 kmpl. The acceleration is excellent at low speeds but it may start vibrating above 60 km/hr. The looks of Honda Shine are not sporty but it is good for the office commuters who need plain and neat looks. The gearing of this Honda bike is very noticeable as it is user friendly. The indicator light is in oval shape which looks cute and it is very bright also. But the bike can be recommended to the father figures but not to college goers or youths who are style oriented.
Antique Light Fixtures - Is the Antique Look Right for Your Home?
Lighting fixtures have come a long way since Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. They now come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. But antique light fixtures take us back in time, in some cases even before a simple flick of a switch provided the power. Back then, people had to rely on the light of candles to show the way in the dark.Ornate fixtures were created to hold the candles along the walls of various structures such as houses and public meeting places. The fixtures often conveyed status-the more decorative and well-crafted, the higher up in the food chain the owner was.As time went on these early fixtures have become antique light fixtures, and have been passed down through the generations, with many being available for purchase at antique shops and furniture establishments.Some can be quite valuable, and bring high prices at auctions and television programs such as "Antique Road Show." They are known for their expert craftsmanship and unique style, and can be reminders of a simpler time when objects were created one at a time and not mass produced.For many modern day homeowners, antique light fixtures are just what they need to complement their home's decor package. These people are not satisfied to go with the current trend of modern or contemporary lighting fixtures and want a look that reminds them of the past. In fact, the demand is so high that there is an increase in the number of related businesses, such as those that restore and sell antique fixtures.And, there is no shortage of folks who are willing to pay top dollar to have these fixtures in their homes. One caveat: when buying a piece that is called an antique, if possible you should have it appraised or at least verify the seller's credentials before shelling out big bucks.Some of the more popular styles of antique light fixtures include American Vintage, which was manufactured in the early part of the 20th century and includes a wide variety of fixtures. Art Deco includes pieces from the 1920s and 1930s and is currently popular in Europe as well as the United States.Early Electric, as the name implies, consists of light fixtures that coincided with the invention and use of the light. And going back a little farther in time, gas lighting fixtures represent the mid-19th century period . . .Find out more by reading the full article which explains what you need to know about antique lighting
Solar Street Lights: a Wealth of Versatility in Modern Technology
We're sure you're familiar with solar energy. It's been used over the past several decades to power plenty of apparatus - calculators, watches, battery chargers, plenty of stuff. But what you may not realize is solar energy is being used in some of the most mundane (but necessary) technologies that we don't even realize are around until they're gone. Solar energy is fantastic in the application of solar street lights because it's clean, abundant, and it helps people see when they're not able to. This extensive introduction to solar LED lights will demonstrate the many ways that these modern marvels of technology are fantastic for any place that needs lighting. We've been in the business for decades and are prepared to show you how solar energy can turn dark places into shining examples of the future - how green energy saves money, protects us from harm, and reduces the carbon footprint for future generations. This 12-minute read is comprehensive, but we'll make it just as entertaining as it is informative! Read on!Application of Solar Street Lights: Many Ways to Light Up the NightParks and RecreationIt wasn't even a year ago that a lighting project in Phillips Landing, located in Laurel, Delaware became a strong example of how solar LED lights can really pack a punch for parks and recreational areas. A nature park a little distant from neighboring communities was in desperate need of rejuvenation. A lot of boaters and fishers would commute to the area in the early hours of the morning to get their catch for the day, but they were always hampered by darkness since there wasn't sufficient lighting in the area. Flashlights helped, but something centralized and stronger was needed for the boat ramps for the nature park. After much deliberation, city and park officials banded together to revamp the park amenities. They turned to Greenshine for a solution.It turns out the lights that Greenshine installed were a perfect application of solar street lights for the nature park. The nearest power source for the park was about a mile away, and trenching for power just wasn't a viable option practically nor financially. The project was reaching over a million dollars already, and so cost-effective solutions were on the radar. The lights needed to be self-sufficient and free of ties to the power grid. Greenshine's Brighta Type III solar LED lights were a perfect match for the park. They allowed commuters to go out on their boats early in the morning and return with ease. Imagine trying to launch a boat in the darkness - not the easiest task! But with Greenshine's help, commuters can safely attend the park and fish if so desired.One of the largest benefits of using solar LED lights in a park setting is because of park beautification. When archaic, traditional lighting fails, solar is the best option. The reason is that digging into park grounds can be an unsightly thing. But don't take our word for it - here's some proof!The photo above is of a project to install a stoplight - not exactly the same application, but the idea is the same. The light company had to dig into the sidewalk and re-pave over it, then place hazard cones in the area so people would avoid the dangerous spots. Imagine that kind of look in a park! That's why the application of solar street lights is prime for parks (or really any environment) - it keeps the grounds looking fresh instead of paved over from recent installations!SecurityIt's a no-brainer that lights help with security. We're sure you want your cars parked in brightly-lit areas, and that's why we've developed lighting systems specifically meant for parking lots - another great application of solar street lights. These lights, highly tuned and specified to blip on at specifc times, boast an extremely high color rendering index (80) so that more natural light hits the illuminated subject. What does this mean for security? Under an HPS lamp, a red car tends to look black! The high CRI for LED lights reveals more natural color, so in the event of an incident that compromises security, visiblity isn't lost.In addition to a high rendering index, solar street lights can be paired with motion sensors and cameras to add to high security in remote locations. In the event that motion is detected from a sensor, the solar lights can instantly turn to full brightness and capture the object in motion - whether it's a critter or criminal. That's just another application of solar street lights that really "shines," pun intended. A recent project that Greenshine completed was a parking lot in a loading zone for Siemens. Vandals roamed the area and were stealing some equipment. After we installed several Brighta light systems, the vandals relocated. The lighting system boosted security in the area saving the corporation several thousands of dollars from theft and property damage. Plus, the company saved even more - 65 thousand dollars to be more specific - since they didn't need to break into the concrete for light installation. It's one of our most successful projects to date since it demonstrated how versatile these solar lights can be.AirportSeveral weeks ago, Los Angeles International Airport suffered a major power outage and the backup generators failed! Such an extreme power mishap like that doesn't happen often, but it's good to know that there's technology around that operates without reliance on a power grid if the grid were to fail (since it did). That's just another application of solar street lights that fits perfectly with airports - although there were many other problems that the terminals faced, having a set of solar LED lights would have been a strong idea for the area since it left commuters and traffic in the dark - literally! Unfortunately, there weren't such lights available for the airport at the time so crews had to work for several hours straight restoring power for guests and commuters.What works great for airports are also mobile solar towers. These can be easily wheeled anywhere on terminal grounds to bring light where there typically isn't. When not in use, they can be wheeled back to their origin and then left in the sun to recharge - or left out for a semi-permanent lighting solution. These behemoth towers take the energy from the sun and re-use it in the LED lamps on top of the tower. Built with the most technologically-advanced Cree XPG-2 LED bulbs on the market, mobile solar towers are built to illuminate and last.Another airport project in Santa Monica that Greenshine knocked out recently was the replacement of an archaic lighting system for Santa Monica Airport. Their system of parking lot lights was failing and in horrible disrepair. The light pedestals were still in place, but the wiring system underground needed to be replaced. Not with solar! The installation job was incredibly quick since the poles worked well with the pedestals in the parking lot. It saved the customer gobs of money and time. It's just another application of solar street lights that works perfectly.ConstructionWe couldn't be more excited to get a phone call or lead when it comes to a construction project. Why? We've served plenty of customers over the years with solar LED lights. Lighting during construction can be quite costly, especially if you need a generator that burns fossil fuels, needs constant maintenance, requires refueling, and causes several cases of tinnitus for nearby workers. Construction sites don't need generators for lighting, especially when it comes to solar! Skip the loud noises and constant upkeep - set up a portable solar light and forget about maintenance for the next five years. Move the light with a forklift wherever you might need it to work in bright, uninterrupted light. Another recent project, parking lot lighting for Lake Elsinore, needed temporary lighting for their construction projects. Not only did our lights provide a large illumination spread for working, but they also deterred the vandalism of their emergency response vehicles and other equipment - crime dropped to zero incidents. This application of solar street lights was one of the most successful for Greenshine - it stands as an exemplary project for our lights since the city used them in multiple ways to illuminate grounds and keep equipment as safe as possible.ResidentialGreenshine recently had a project where residents of Gila River were against any kind of digging - the installation grounds ran into peoples' yards and having a crew dig into the dirt just wouldn't have worked. Plus, they wanted a lighting fixture that looked highly similar to the older lighting systems in the area. Greenshine provided a Lumina system that met their needs, saved them money, and kept the grounds from ugly trenching. It's projects like this that really matter - meeting all needs and keeping areas safe for residents at all hours of the night.Mailbox and Canopy LightingSolar LED lights work anywhere for whatever reason needed! Another one of our recent lighting projects was solar lighting for mailboxes at Camp Pendleton. Residents weren't able to see their mailboxes at night for their homes, and since the area was already built trenching to connect power for a lighting system would have restricted access to important email and would block people from parking in their own spaces. Plus, the bill would have been several thousands of dollars more! The most feasible solution for Camp Pendleton was to install solar mailbox lighting so residents could properly see their mail - and get to it too! The project managers and residents were heavily pleased with the result.Solar lights fit in those odd categories of lighting - we've even installed lights for busy bus stops in the past. These projects, although not as common, represent the unique application of solar street lights and how they operate in virtually any environment. Plus, their aesthetic design blends in with residential environments, adding a touch of lovely decor. You won't get ugly technological contraptions installed to light up the area!MilitaryYes, Greenshine has even installed solar lighting on military bases! China Lake needed a new lighting system since their old wiring had failed, and the closest connection was too far to draw power from - the project costs would have been through the roof! The lights in question were meant to illuminate fighter jets for display - an awesome sight to behold at night! Greenshine was able to install 6 Supera lights in the area to illuminate the jets. Not only that, the military base reduced its overall carbon footprint and saved several hundreds of dollars from energy usage - on top of the costs saved from trenching! Just another perfect application of solar street lights that gets the job done and makes all parties happy.Solar LED Lighting in a NutshellAs before, solar LED lights:Are incredibly versatileCan be installed nearly anywhereSave customers thousands of dollarsSave an exorbitant length of timeAre positive for the environmentLast longer than traditional lightingReduce pollution and toxic wasteMake your city, business, or residential area more attractiveIncrease safety, security, and fun for everyone!At Greenshine New Energy, we know the business inside and out. We have lighting engineers ready to take your call or prepare your quote for a new commercial lighting project in the works. We can develop a simulation of your project as soon as we get details and turn it around to you in less than a day. As you can see, solar LED lights work almost anywhere, in any configuration, to save clients money and reduce headaches. As one of our salespeople recently said, "they just work!" See how you can save your business, city, or residential area mountains of mulah by investing in solar lighting today. Drop us a line today for a free quote and see how we can reduce your lighting bills for years to come!Thanks for reading!·RELATED QUESTIONWhy don't hotel rooms have ceiling lights?My hotel building is over 100 years old, so we have ceiling lights. We also need a ladder to change a bulb 11' from the floor. It can take 20 minutes for 1 bulb! This is one reason that we have changed to the longer lasting (and more economical) low-energy bulbs.I would be delighted to have wall lights instead. Retro-fitting them would however be even less economically sound.Higher than average ceilings mean ladders to change the bulbs in ceiling fittings, and this extends the maintenance time and convenience for staff enormously. Even normal height ceilings mean that a chair is needed to swap a bulb out. Wall fittings are so much more convenient for both staff and customers, reducing the time taken to get light again!As Michael Forrest Jones says - anything other than a simple bulb swap requires the power to be cut to the whole circuit (which may be more than just a few rooms). This makes it very awkward to do emergency repairs after dark! -- Been there done that... Go with wall fittings that can be isolated in-room!In short:I have ceiling lights.I don't like them, as they are awkward for maintenance.Replacing them would be expensive and extremely difficult - basically a total rewire of the hotel lighting system.Design engineers are not stupid. they note the first 2 points!
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